My Day: Pessimistic & Optimistic Views

Pessimistic Story of My Day:

I drove up the mountain Christmas tree hunting with my daughter.  Got the Yukon stuck in the snow …badly-stuck.  Almost ran out of gas, then the battery died. My teenage daughter, a smoker, didn’t have a match and though there are at least 6 lighter plug-ins in my car, none of them have cigarette lighters.  We didn’t bring water bottles.  As my husband drove up, the radiator hose broke on our ’86 Toyota pickup, so we drove it down the mountain, and I went to town (20 miles away) to buy a new hose.  Bought the wrong one, but we got it to work with elbow grease and cussing.  Drove back up the mountain again.  The charger didn’t work, so I had to shovel a side path for the Toyota in order to jump the Yukon while he put all four chains on the pickup.  We finally got it pulled out.  Now I think I might need an alignment on the Yukon, or maybe it was the snow.  Didn’t get a tree.

Optimistic Story of My Day:

It was a perfect morning to drive up the mountain with my beautiful daughter for a Christmas tree. When we got stuck in the snow, there was cell service (if you know the Big Horn Mountains, this is pretty lucky), so I called my husband to rescue us.  Meanwhile, we wandered around looking for a good tree, discussing our criteria of “good.”  I found a spring to drink from.  The sun was shining.  I saw some friends, and told them we’d be fine & that there were no “good” trees to be had there.  My husband wasn’t even angry that we took him away from his plans.  After problems with the Toyota (which is the same vehicle he had when we started dating: I drove it to high school, we brought our first-born home from the hospital in it and later he drove it to high school) we got it fixed.  The early afternoon sunshine lit up the snow-covered slopes as drove back up the mountain.  Shoveling snow kept me warm and I made a repeat hike to the spring for a cool drink.  After we jumped the Yukon, another friend came by and waited as we pulled it out of the snow.  Then, since the Toyota was already chained, my husband drove him in to get some spring water.  I made good mileage coming down the hill.  They made it out fine as well.  As we came back to Dayton, the elk herd was across the road from the bullseye, looking majestic.  Next week, we’ll try again (and we’ll take the Toyota:)

Irving Berlin said, “Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.”  We are given these choices with each situation.  I prefer to look on the bright side.  I hope you each choose to make today a wonderful day:)


2 comments on “My Day: Pessimistic & Optimistic Views

  1. Rhonda says:

    Attitude is everything, isn’t it! I enjoyed your post.

  2. sartenada says:

    How beautiful painting with refreshing colors! Blue appeals to me. For example my car is electric blue. I know that I cannot praise Your lovely art work as a professional do it, but I know when something beautiful and Yours is!!!

    Keep on painting and presenting them. If You once make a comment on my site, then I do not lose You.

    Have wonderful day!

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