Hello world!

This is my first blog.  I signed up with wordpress on impulse after reading a friend’s first blog on Facebook.  Part of me says,” Don’t you have enough technology in your life w/out adding another avenue of electronic expression/entertainment?”  5 years ago I would have never believed I’d spend this much time on a computer-especially considering I spent a portion of my youth without the conveniences of electricity or running water.  I can’t imagine life without my iPod or Macbook, probably like those who lived during the introduction of electricity adapted to its usefulness and never -or rarely, looked back.

What’s always intrigued me is that with every new modern convenience, our lives get more complex, because we take that extra time the device affords us and put it toward new projects that make us busier.  Years ago, people had time to write letters, even though they were doing laundry (clothes they made themselves) with a washboard, packing water from the creek and heating it on the wood stove, (fueled with wood they chopped and carried).  These people canned produce grown in their gardens, along with the buck shot in the fields.  Instead of watching TV, they sewed beautiful quilts and wrote letters when the day was accomplished.  (Note: The theme from “Little House on the Prairie” plays in the background here.)

Communication was just as important then; I have a book of letters my great grandfather wrote on carbon paper during the 20’s and 30’s.  Articulation and penmanship was key and had to be taught.  They didn’t have the ease of email, keyboarding and spell check.  When I need a thesaurus, a finger slide to the corner of my mouse pad furnishes me with a word in two seconds or less, thank you, Apple/Mac.

Modern conveniences in information, communication, cooking, cleaning and transportation provide us with time…what do we do with it?   As a whole, we put it toward working a second or third job, trolling Facebook & Twitter, surfing the web or watching endless hours of TV or video.  I wonder about the quantity and quality of family time today compared with the past.  Did those tedious household tasks provide more unity in the family then?  Or does our “family time” in the car on the way to hockey practice equal it?  “Just a minute, honey, I’m checking my email…”

I know what I just did with my gift of time… I guess I’ll write it off as philosophizing (just checked the spelling- 3 seconds), yes, that’s what I’ll do-it’s therapeutic, and it seems we all need therapy these days.  Besides, it’s raining and neither I nor the dog want to go for a walk in it.